The quality standards that Marel achieves are very high and that is only possible by joining a specialized workforce and the best modern machinery.

With an average annual production of 1,000,000 pieces, Marel is a reference in the intimate wear market, both national and international, and strictly complies with all of its customers’ specifications.

We based it on the profile of the woman who wears Marel underwear: a modern and active woman, but also feminine and sensual. Our collections reflect the authenticity, originality and quality that our customers want and deserve.

Never Out Stock

Marel works with the Never Stock Out system, in order to give our customers the assurance that a large stock  is guaranteed. In fact, this makes possible to circumvent any logistical or financial issue that maintaining a large stock may bring, with Marel managing all of this task.

Each customer places orders and the items will be delivered in stages, according to their needs. Marel ensures that these deliveries are ensured quickly, by keeping a stock of raw material associated with each order, in order to guarantee delivery in 3 to 4 working days.

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